Frequently asked questions:


1. How much is waiting for the order at poliestrowa.pl

We process orders up to 14 business days from submission, because we print materials directly after placing the order, we do not store them in the warehouse :)

2. Why do the materials available in poliestrowa.pl contain a large amount of polyester?

We print on materials using the sublimation digital printing method, therefore our materials must contain at least 50% polyester. This is one of the highest quality printing methods that can only be made on materials with the right composition.


3. My material has flaws / flaws / the order is incorrect, what next?

A complaint should be submitted to the store. Complaints should be sent to the address biuro@polistrowa.pl

More about complaints HERE


4. I can't find a foreign delivery option, where should I look for a list of countries to which you send materials?

Below we have prepared a short tutorial on how to correctly choose the country of delivery:



Shipping costs are available HERE


5. What units of measure are used in the store?

According to the regulations, prices in the online store are given for 1 meter of material, but purchases are possible from 0.5 mb of material and from this size you can order every 0.1 m (10 cm).

The exact value of the ordered material will be given after adding it to the basket.


6. Can I print your own pattern with you?

In addition to the online store, we also run a printing house where we print using sublimation printing.

We carry out wholesale orders. We print our own designs and customer designs.


7. What requirements do I have to meet to print my own design?

The file for printing must be prepared in TIF, JPG or PDF format, with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI.

CMYK color mode, given profile "Coated Fogra 39"