• About us

We are one of the leading stores with materials on the Polish and European markets. Our area of ​​activity is: fabrics, knitted fabrics, functional materials and home decor.

We specialize in polyester materials or with a large addition of polyester and sublimation printing on materials. This method of printing allows you to get the final product of the highest quality, reproducing a huge number of colors and details.

Poliestrowa.pl is our store with polyester materials. We currently offer over 140 ready-to-choose designs, of course, constantly expanding our offer.

Sublimatex is our online printing house, where we will print your every project on materials from our offer or yours.


We work with the highest quality materials, and the sublimation print that we make is at the highest level.

We have modern machinery facilities and we use the highest quality raw materials and technology.